Let it endure

by btp80

Alone again. I came back. I wanted to stare at it when no one else was around, no living creatures but funny birds. They don’t care. But I’m not alone, there are families finishing out of the pier. Small boats slowly float through the water, they’re reaching for the sun. Birds, all kinds of noisy birds, their desperate screams fill the air. The moon is still high and bright. I don’t recall the last time I felt so lost. Don’t look for reasons. There are all the reasons of the universe and none at all. Teenagers are cartwheeling on the beach. Good for them, I think. They brought their towels and no boys, they woke up early just to see the sun rising. I wonder who of the three convinced the other two. I see myself in that one. There’s so much peace, peace all around me. I’m immersed. Let it come in here, in this heart. Let it take away the darkness of these days. May it all be swept away as the sun rises through the clouds. Because there’s still beauty, immense out there. There’s still love. Love endures. Let it endure.